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Title: Flight: The Complete History

Authors: R.G. Grant

Publication date: March 2007

Format: Paperback

Our take: Spans 100 years of aviation history with over 400 pages of photographs that are augmented with accompanying text that tells the story each aircraft. This is one of the most complete books depicting aircraft that we have ever seen.

Title: In the Cockpit: Inside 50 History-Making Aircraft

Authors: Dana Bell, Eric F. Long, Mark A. Avino

Publication date: May 2007

Format: Hardcover

Our take: Color photographs of the entire cockpit of 50 different historically significant aircraft. You can see all the different gauges, levers, switches and controls that pilots used. Includes interesting facts along with the photos.

Title: Aircraft of the Cold War: 1945-1991

Authors: Thomas Newdick

Publication date: April 2010

Format: Hardcover

Our take: Profile pictures of all the various aircraft used during the Cold War along with facts and specifications for each one. Also includes famous pilots that flew during the time and which aircraft they piloted. The book also discusses which missions and engagements each aircraft was used in.


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